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Power of Love Fellowship Inc.

     184 St. Johns Road
Bradbury  NSW
Australia   2560

Phone   +  61 2 4625 7724

We are a fellowship of Charismatic Christians, aiming to bring the Gospel of salvation by Jesus Christ to the people of this world, with no regard to their worldly status, physical or mental condition or ethnic background.
Additionally we want to encourage those, who are already committed Christians.



Senior pastors:  Joshua Goodacre, M.C.R., J.P. and
                         Mary Goodacre
Co-pastors:  Richard and Barbara Bragg, M.C.R.


We believe
- that Jesus, God's Son, came to earth to save sinners;
- that everyone, who accepts Him, Jesus Christ, as his or her personal      Saviour, is saved and reconciled with God;
- that nobody can be saved by doing good works, but only by accepting     that Jesus Christ gave   His blood and life for him or her, when He was     crucified at Calvary;
- that God, the Father, raised Him, Jesus Christ from the dead;
- that He, Jesus Christ, went to heaven;
- that He sent us His Holy Spirit to lead us in all truth;
- that He, Jesus Christ, will return.


Our aims and objects are
- to bring into harmony all Christian churches, denominations and independent groups under the continuing presence of the Holy Spirit, in accordance with the promise, contained within the Holy Scriptures;
- to love God as our first commandment and secondly our neighbours, excluding nobody, serving both;
- to be seen as Christians working together in a common spirit of unity;
- to consider our ministry the bringing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are not committed Christians of other churches, denominations or groups, and to encourage those who are committed Christians, in their faith, regardless of their social or ethnic backgrounds, judging not, less we be judged;
- to establish home fellowships and meetings to that end;
- to visit lonely people at home, in hospitals or prisons;
- to support and comfort HIV positive and AIDS patients and their friends and relatives in their grieve and do the same for other terminal patients, like those suffering from diseases like cancer, lupus, etc.;
- where and when possible to establish homes for homeless people, drop-in centres and coffee shops, where anybody is welcome, including alcoholics, drug-addicts, homosexuals, ex-prisoners etc.;
- to run the Training School for Christian Ministries, including workshops and seminars, to aid those who want to become better equipped for bringing the Gospel;
- to publish educational, encouraging and supporting material;
- to sell material at a price no higher than the cost price.


Vision for this work, given to the founder, Joshua Goodacre, J.P.

Years ago the Lord gave me a vision, which I would like to share with you.

In that vision I was standing at the side of a mud pool and while I was looking at this pool, I unexpectedly saw hands coming out of the mud.  It looked as if those hands wanted to ask me something, and to my astonishment I saw more and more hands appearing.  I wanted to get away from that pool, but it was impossible for me to leave.  I wondered what I had to do with all those hands, looking as if they were asking for help.

Then a voice spoke to me and told me, that if I did not grab those hands and pull them out of the mud, nobody else would do it either.

I looked around me and saw many churches, not far from the pool, but most of the people inside had not the slightest idea about what was going on outside.  The good thing was, that all were praying for a revival.  They had however no real vision for lost souls.

There were many announcements on the walls of these churches, but they had only a message for the people inside.

I went back to the mud pool and saw that some of these hands were beginning to disappear.  They were no longer able to reach out for help.  Only now could I see, whose hands they were.  Those hands belonged to people, who because of all sorts of different circumstances of life, were going under in their bondage.  They had lost their hope completely. They could not believe any longer that there was hope left for them.

After the voice of Jesus told me, that, if I would not go out and help, nobody else would, I also knew, that if I was not willing to reach out to them in their need, I would have to give account for them getting lost.

So I started grabbing the first pair of hands and pulled them out of the mud.  It was a very slow process and when I was pulling and pulling, the reality dawned on me.  When the heads started to appear, I could read on the foreheads what the main problems in their lives were.  The first one had written on it, "I am an alcoholic.  There is no hope for me".  The body of this person was unrecognisable.  Nothing of the creation was there anymore.  What came out of the mud looked like a monster.  Now I started removing the mud and gradually a totally new person appeared.  It was indescribable how this monstrous shape changed into a beautiful person.

After seeing this, I started working harder and harder to catch the next pair of hands and to my astonishment I saw that the first person, which I had pulled out of the mud, came to help me.

All the victims had a sign on their forehead:  'homosexual', 'drug-addict', etc.  All these persons had one thing in common.  They were without hope.  When the second person had been set free, he too started working immediately and this pattern kept repeating itself.

Enormous peace and joy filled those people, who were made new by the power of Jesus Christ.  Their lives revealed the love of their Creator and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Then I turned once more to the churches, where they were praying for a revival and when I entered, I saw that they were kneeling down.  When I asked them to come outside to see what was happening there, they did so, but they were not happy with what they were seeing.  A spokesman said that it could not possibly from God, and as they had not been informed about what was happening, they preferred to stay out of it.  Then they asked me personally, who I thought I was.  "We don't know you.  You don't belong to us.  Go away!"

This vision has nothing to do with a particular church or a special part of the world.  Everywhere we will find people, bogged down in the mud, victims of the devil.  They don't have any hope left.  They don't have a vision for the future.

Do YOU have a vision for the lost ones?  Hold on to your vision!  Don't give it a chance to disappear.  Many believers don't have a real vision.  They want revival, but only according to their rules.  They do not really like to receive these former victims of the devil into their church, their group.  Just imagine them falling back into their old habits!  They are praying for revival, but when it is at their doorstep, they do not want it.  We even often see people, filled with the Holy Spirit, getting tricked into getting themselves guided by their own feelings.  Sometimes it is very tempting and far easier!  I believe that it even may be possible, that God will do far greater things by using people, who do not always talk about being guided by the Holy Spirit, but who are really willing to follow Jesus, step by step.  We see now already the fruit of the Spirit in many churches, in which you hardly ever hear them speaking about the Holy Spirit.

I believe that this vision is a picture of my ministry.  It is very important that you too, become aware of your ministry and when God calls you for a particular work, it is very well possible, that nobody else will go in your place.  Very often people (well meaning most of the time), will try to stop us, but it is important that we get our priorities right and our first priority is obedience to God.  Let nobody blur your vision, or stop you following your calling.

Why do I have such a serious message?  People around us are getting lost, are bound by the devil, have lost hope, and you and I have an answer for them.  The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed (Romans 8: 19  NIV).  So, what are we waiting for?

May God bless you mightily in every step you take with Him.

                                                                                          Joshua Goodacre

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
         John 3: 16